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The Story

Welcome to Platanos & Collard Greens!

Platanos & Collard Greens is the hit romantic comedic play that tells the story of Freeman, an African-American man, and Angelita, a Latino woman, who are both forced to confront and overcome cutural and racial prejudices, while defending their bond from family and friends. Platanos will remind you of your family, your love and your life. Platanos is guaranteed to make you laugh, inspire you, and make you think.

What's New      
This holiday season give a gift that will last a lifetime! Now is your chance to help inner-city students experience Platanos Y Collard Greens and its many associated educational programs including a chance for students to win a Once In a Lifetime Walk on Role in Platanos Y Collard Greens.  Among the many audiences that have embraced Platanos, have been dedicated educators who not only enthusiastically embraced the message of the play, but who personally witnessed the inspirational and empowering effect of the play on their students.   
“What a wonderful and riveting performance!…Students expressed their adulation and appreciation for having had the opportunity to see a live play they connected to. This is a performance that should be seen by students everywhere. The message, through comedic and dramatic expression, highlights the need to appreciate diversity and overcome stereotypes. It was truly inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining.” 
Tyona Washington, Principal,
 High School for Excellence and Innovation
These educators, and hundreds of other educators, have expressed to us their desire to have their students see the play, but as a result of drastic budget cuts to education and arts programs, they cannot afford to reward them with this opportunity.  In response to this crisis, EVERYBODY IS A STAR is an exciting program we have created, which seeks contributions to provide inner-city students who would otherwise be unable to experience Platanos, the opportunity to not only experience the show, but participate in one of our associated educational programs.   Here is what Krystal, an 8th grade student from Brooklyn, who participated last year said "I can't thank you enough for giving me a was the greatest feeling to know that you and everyone else supported me...Please keep going on with the program, giving other kids the opportunity that I had, the fun that I had! Thank you for everything."
Click here to support the Everybody Is A Star Program - (note donations are not tax-exempt) 


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